Your critical risk management and compliance documents in one place


Review and update your risk management documents to ensure compliance


Set document expiry reminders, group with tags for easy navigation


Securely share risk documents without the need for email

TrackMyRisks is flexible and scalable, with no costly installation fees or setup costs. You only pay for what you need. Easily customised to suit your business needs.

Use TrackMyRisks to securely store and manage policies, procedures and certificates relating to every aspect of risk management within your business.

Securely store and share your risk management documents, receive expiry reminders and track previous versions within a fully compliant, activity logged environment.

Access your risk management documents from any device at any time with no complicated software installations or restrictive licenses to worry about.

Contact us on +44(0)1252 560331 to discuss how TrackMyRisks can help your business. Or you can get started for free with our Lite package right now.


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01/03/2018 by Matt Hodges-Long
When you run a business, of any sort, there are many laws to comply with and risks to manage. Understanding every regulation and risk can be a bewildering task due to a distinct lack of regulatory coordination and advice.

It shouldn’t be this hard!...
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Blog article
25/02/2018 by Matt Hodges-Long
It’s been almost a month since news broke that the UK’s second largest construction company, Carillion, had gone into liquidation. And while it may no longer be front page news for many, Britain’s biggest corporate failure in a decade continues to cause sleepless nights for those suppliers left facing financial ruin. Supply chain risk is overlooked at your peril....
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Blog article
16/01/2018 by Matt Hodges-Long
That sick to the stomach, gut wrenching, “what have I done?” moment as you go back through your sent items and realise you attached the wrong document. The panicked call to your boss to ‘fess up to your mistake. Next thing you know, an investigation is launched, the ICO is informed and your error is front page on BBC News.

For someone in Leicester City Council last week, that imagined scenario was reality as data for hundreds, if not thousands, of vulnerable people was emailed to 27 taxi firms in error....
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