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Are you clicking with your customers?

Posted in Reports & insights by Richard Carman on 08/08/2017
What remains a common theme in the insurance market and particularly amongst brokers is the limited communication such firms have with their customers outside of renewal period, with many only contacting customers once or twice a year.

With as many as 94% contacting customers with renewal information and only 29% contacting to offer additional products and promotions, the limited scope of insurance firms' communication remains a prevalent feature of the industry.... continue reading

Security, reduce the Impact of crime on business

Posted in Reports & insights by Richard Carman on 30/06/2017
With crime representing such a prominent risk for businesses and their ability to provide continuity, AXA have provided an in-depth guide as to how best ensure the security of your business.

Whilst theft remains the most prevalent security risk impacting business, accounting for around 75%, other key criminal threats include malicious damage as well as robbery, however the threats facing many businesses extend far beyond this.

... continue reading

AIG Insight, Portable Electrical Equipment

Posted in Reports & insights by Richard Carman on 27/06/2017
Portable electrical equipment is a key feature of the modern workplace. Safety surrounding its use and maintenance necessarily needs to be viewed with increasing importance. An issue AIG seek to address in this report.

The prevalence of fire safety remains more crucial than ever given the insight this report raises. Highlighting how, of the 136,600 fires in buildings other than dwellings, between 2000 to 2005 in London alone, portable electrical equipment remained a key cause.... continue reading

AXA Information Paper, Working at Height

Posted in Reports & insights by Richard Carman on 27/06/2017
The complexities of building work and construction often mean formulating an all-inclusive solution to the risks associated with working at height presents a complex problem.

In this article, Axa provide an essential guide that focuses on the general problems faced in the construction industry and how to mitigate against them.... continue reading

Stop sending, start sharing

Posted in Reports & insights by Richard Carman on 16/06/2017
Cyber is one of the biggest risks (and opportunities) facing the insurance industry. Provision of insurance requires information, documentation and money, all of which are attractive ingredients for cyber criminals. Huge volumes of email attachments are sent daily; typically from insurers to brokers and then on to their customers.... continue reading

AIG Insight, Control of Contractors

Posted in Reports & insights by Richard Carman on 07/06/2017
Global insurance broker AIG recently published this report, providing essential risk management advice for any business that appoints contractors.

This subject is especially topical due to the recent British Airways systems outage which appears to be as a result of a contractor working within their data centre.... continue reading