“Managing compliance documents on spreadsheets, network drives and email is a nightmare!”
Invite users to share and collaborate on important documents
All risk and compliance documents across your business in one place
“I spend most of my time chasing information by email and phone”
Clear visibility of who is doing what, when and where
Simple control over who has access to each document
“Managing version control of critical documents is a huge issue for us!”
Only grant edit control of a document to those who really need it
Everyone gets notified automatically when a document is updated
Create custom document features unique to the risk and compliance needs of your business
Create templates for your documents to ensure consistency and compliance. TrackMyRisks automatically watches over expiry dates and chases users to update their documents
“TrackMyRisks helps us to affordably organise, maintain and evidence our regulatory compliance programme across the business ”
Emma Willis, Compliance Manager
Kindertons Accident Management