The Building Safety Act and Fire Safety Act – are you ready?


TrackMyRisks simplifies and secures the building safety process. It gives real time information to management, residents, fire service and other stakeholders.

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Our team of building safety experts can guide you through the legislation and keep you on track

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Guarantee all stakeholders can access the latest version of critical documents with inbuilt version control

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TrackMyRisks powers Golden Thread, Building Safety Cases, Resident Engagement and workflow management.

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Automatic reminders when building safety actions need to be taken

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Track all interactions within your golden thread of information monitoring users and their engagement

Visual reminders and notifications of upcoming document expiries

Wade Barker, Sustainable Property Management

Within days of the Grenfell Tower tragedy it became obvious that first responders and other stakeholders were missing vital information about the tower.

The ‘Building a Safer Future’ (Hackitt) Report went on to confirm the need for a Golden Thread of information for all higher-risk buildings. This requirement and more was later enshrined in the Building Safety Act and the Fire Safety (England) Regulations.

TrackMyRisks set up the Building Safety Register in 2019 to advocate for a simplified and low cost Golden Thread. Our team have been at the forefront of advocacy throughout and beyond the development of the new legislation and regulator.

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