Secure sharing and personalised permission levels

All boards have corporate governance standards to meet. They must also be able to demonstrate their compliance and provide evidence to shareholders, customers, employees and other stakeholders, that their organisation is being effectively managed.

A number of TrackMyRisks customers use the platform as a central point to store risk management information and share it with internal and external stakeholders:  

  • provide risk reporting to shareholders and potential investors
  • present risk information in a way that is relevant, proportionate and visually appealing
  • demonstrate transparency with real-time updates
  • evidence internal controls and risk management measures to external organisations
  • set different permission levels for documents depending on the user
  • securely share risk documents with clients, prospects and regulators
  • turn a business management system into a data room at the click of a button
  • keep on top of version control and document expiries

“Customers, investors, and other stakeholders can see formal and transparent evidence of your corporate governance”