Accessible at any time and from any location

Competent arborists will have certificates which show that they have been trained and assessed. They will often have other academic qualifications in arboriculture and will be trained in the use of safety equipment to protect clients, clients’ properties, and themselves.

Reputable tree care companies and individual arborists will be pleased to supply copies of their insurance, qualifications and professional memberships and will work to nationally recognised standards.

A number of arborists use the TrackMyRisks platform to securely store and share:

  • employers liability insurance
  • public liability insurance
  • evidence of professional memberships
  • certificates for use of chainsaws and other equipment
  • certificates for arboricultural competence

The TrackMyRisks platform provides reminders if any documentation or policies need to be updated making it impossible to overlook critical dates.

Arborists can show certification and insurance to clients, whilst on site, on the screen of their mobile phone or tablet, or can share it with them at the click of a button.

“TrackMyRisks is mobile compatible, so arborists can share documentation with clients on their mobile phone or tablet wherever they are”