FCA Principal managing appointed representatives


Robust, automated monitoring of Appointed Representatives

The Financial Conduct Authority has strict guidelines for firms working with Appointed Representatives to conduct regulated business on their behalf. The principal firm takes regulatory responsibility and must ensure that each AR meets all FCA requirements.

Effective oversight of Appointed Representatives is a complex and time-consuming task. Failure to meet the FCA requirements, and evidence monitoring exposes principal firms to unnecessary compliance risk.

FCA regulated firms use TrackMyRisks to automate AR oversight. TrackMyRisks:

  • allows you to review ARs against key performance indicators on a regular basis
  • notifies you if your AR oversight documents are due to expire
  • allows you to securely collaborate with your ARs to maintain ongoing oversight
  • keeps a full audit trail so you can evidence your good governance to third parties such as the FCA
  • produces management information to help you identify trends and manage AR network risks
  • is flexible, inexpensive and grows as your AR network expands

‚ÄúTrackMyRisks software automates much of the repetitive AR monitoring required for FCA compliance‚ÄĚ