InShare SMART Risk partners with TrackMyRisks

Press Release

InShare SMART Risk are excited to announce the appointment of TrackMyRisks as a technology partner to their Digital Ecosystem.

Commenting on the appointment, Graeme Thurgood InShare Co-CEO said: “At the core of InShare is our desire to empower businesses across industry and commerce to take control of Risk. We have paid close attention to the rapid growth of TrackMyRisks as a simple to use, low cost, Governance, Risk and Compliance management platform and had long anticipated a partnership. Our shared interest in increased business resilience is why we knew that TrackMyRisks would add real value to our Risk Sharing Communities”

The partnership between InShare and TrackMyRisks will provide member companies of each ecosystem with a structured and secure environment for all of their Governance, Risk and Compliance activities.

“When I first sat down with Gareth and Graeme to discuss a partnership it was obvious that we were all passionate about the positive impact well managed GRC can have on the risk management performance of a portfolio, but most importantly the positive impact it has on outcomes for each of the member businesses” said Matt Hodges-Long, CEO TrackMyRisks

With over 4,000 TrackMyRisks implementations completed so far, across a diverse range of industry sectors including Roofing, Legal, Tree Surgery, Construction, Schools, Care Homes, Accounting, Banking, Wealth Management and Insurance Broking. The TrackMyRisks team are looking forward to supporting InShare with the establishment of new Risk Sharing Communities.

InShare LogoAbout InShare

InShare SMART Risk is a digital risk ecosystem for businesses to Share, Manage, Reduce and Transfer Risk.

Within their digital environment, they help commercial entities to find and collaborate with peers, to build a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of risk and business.

Companies can access a range of tools to enhance the day to day operation of their business, whilst also exploring the emerging and mainstream risks that impact society as a whole.

InShare SMART Risk wants the bad things happening to businesses to stop.


About TrackMyRisks

TrackMyRisks LogoTrackMyRisks are on a mission to save lives and careers. They do this by making governance, risk and compliance simple for all shapes and sizes of businesses. Their intuitive software platform gives business owners, regulators and other connected stakeholders a simple, Digital System of Record (DSoR) that keeps them out of trouble and on the right side of the law.