Insurance broker sharing documentation with customers

Stop sending, start sharing

Huge volumes of email attachments are sent daily from insurance brokers to their customers. Not only does this pose a significant cyber risk, to both the insurance broker and their customers, but it also results in high levels of customer dissatisfaction as they then have to work out what each document is, how it should be stored and shared. 

Insurance brokers are using TrackMyRisks to securely share insurance policy documents and other sensitive information with customers rather than emailing it. In doing so they are able to:

  • reduce email traffic and associated cyber risk
  • adhere to GDPR requirements for data security
  • keep copies of both current and past policies in a self service environment for customers to access as and when needed
  • achieve greater brand penetration throughout an organisation when clients are sharing documents internally or externally

Feedback from insurance broker customers is overwhelmingly positive. The self-service environment responds to the growing demand from individuals to have access to what they need, when they need it, rather than being reliant on someone else.

Recently we teamed up with The British Insurance Brokers Association to write a report on the risks associated with email attachments in the insurance induster

“Giving customers the ability to access insurance documents as and when they need them reduces workload for insurance brokers and improves customer satisfaction”