Keeping on top of your critical documents at home

Now, where did I leave my… critical documents

It’s not just the office environment that generates huge amounts of important documents. The home environment does too and a large number of our business clients have started to use TrackMyRisks to manage their critical documents at home.

Amongst other things, they are using TrackMyRisks to store and manage their:  

  • passports
  • driving licences
  • birth certificates
  • home insurance
  • life insurance
  • car insurance
  • wills
  • loan applications
  • investments

Home users benefit from being able to access important documents at any time on any device, securely share access with family members, banks or other institutions as required. All this without the cyber risk associated with emailing personal information as attachments.

More importantly, TrackMyRisks reminds you when your critical documents are coming up for renewal. No more pulling your passport out of the drawer to go on holiday, only to find it’s about to expire.

“Never lose a document or spend time shuffling through piles of paperwork to find the file you need”