Managing ISO accreditations and policies

Beautifully designed document management

Any organisation who has been through ISO accreditation will be familiar with the level of documentation required. One of the concerns many companies have, is how to handle their policies, procedures and other documents produced to support the accreditation process.

TrackMyRisks securely stores and manages documentation in a compliant way that external auditors love. TrackMyRisks can:

  • clearly label and identify each document with names, dates and authors
  • keep a record of changes made and versions issued
  • enable the sharing, reviewing and approval process for documents
  • allow distribution and easy access
  • ensure documents are available to everyone who needs them, with unlimited user numbers
  • ensure confidentiality and integrity with user permission levels

Add to that, the system is easy to use and intuitive in design so your staff do do not need formal training to get started. In addition TrackMyRisks grows in line with user needs in a way that is simple and affordable, so you only ever pay for what you need.

“TrackMyRisks enables clients to simply evidence their standards and systems in a way that external auditors love!”