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17/07/2017 by Matt Hodges-Long
One of my colleagues had a new baby recently. He’s bought the books and read the recommendations. Car seats, stair gates, bath thermometers and corner guards have all been dutifully ordered and installed. Smoke alarm batteries have been replaced, the baby monitor is installed and immunisations are all booked!

It got me thinking... when it comes to keeping a new baby safe, no time or expense is spared, but do business owners analyse the potential risks to their company in the same way new parents assess the sharp corners in their home? The answer, as a general rule, no....
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05/12/2016 by Richard Carman
Gaining resilience is more widely seen as a business continuity cost, but it should be viewed as an important business investment. Because a well-designed business continuity program can and should deliver measurable positive returns. It can be so much more than “just another layer of insurance”....
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"Accountable Person with 100 High-rise residential blocks in their portfolio will need to identify, create and track over 30,000 evidential documents per year to maintain compliance with the new @H_S_E #BuildingSafety regulatory regime." More detail coming soon...
Wise words from @H_S_E ‘…the Safety Management System should include processes to identify, monitor, maintain, audit & review the range of measures on which safe occupation depends.’
Following the publication of 'Safety case principles for high-rise residential buildings' by @H_S_E yesterday, we are writing up our collective thoughts for an imminent blog post and other content on the subject. It's a good read and makes a lot of sense.