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04/12/2017 by Matt Hodges-Long
In trying to defend the credibility of one of her senior colleagues, MP Nadine Dorries admitted on Twitter that she routinely shares her passwords with staff and interns! Poor password security is one of the main causes of Cyber Breach. The importance of password security requires leadership from the highest level. Educating all IT users about the perils of weak and insecure passwords is a critical activity....
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16/06/2017 by Richard Carman
Cyber is one of the biggest risks (and opportunities) facing the insurance industry. Provision of insurance requires information, documentation and money, all of which are attractive ingredients for cyber criminals. Huge volumes of email attachments are sent daily; typically from insurers to brokers and then on to their customers....
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Why we do what we do 👇 #GrenfellTower inquiry
Our response to the Govt PEEPs consultation is now submitted. This thread shares some of our responses to the key questions. 👇 (1 of 8)
Why Property Compliance is important: AOV System = Yes Maintained & Tested = Yes Management Oversight = Yes Likelihood of operating effectively in a #Fire = High