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The new Building Safety Case regime HSE Guide

The new building safety case regime forms a major plank of Dame Judith Hackitt’s post-Grenfell building safety reform agenda. Building safety cases are enshrined in the Building Safety Bill which … Read more

The ‘facts’ of the matter

I’m immersed in the Building Safety Crisis full time and a self-confessed Governance, Risk and Compliance nerd. So it won’t surprise you to learn that I believe in the importance … Read more

Golden Thread Principles

Last week, the Building Regulations Advisory Committee (BRAC) Golden Thread Working Group published a document approved for release by the MHCLG Golden Thread policy unit. This gives us a clearer … Read more
Premises Information Box

Premises Information Box – have you got yours?

Get ready for the Premises Information Box “I therefore recommend that the owner and manager of every high-rise residential building be required by law: a. to provide their local fire … Read more

Fire Safety Act 2021 – coming soon!

“Boss, the FSB has just passed. This brings external walls, flat entrance doors and GTIP1 recommendations into scope of the FSO. We’ll need PIBs for our FRAs and PEEPs. And … Read more
Fire safety Bill

Fire Safety Bill amendments have serious implications

The draft Fire Safety Bill had its second reading in the House of Lords on Tuesday night (17 Nov 2020) The content of the new Fire Safety Bill is fairly … Read more

The Building Safety Crisis and Property Risk Management

What is the Building Safety Crisis? The Grenfell Tower fire revealed shortfalls in building and fire safety for high rise buildings. This raised questions of what was deemed safe, not … Read more

Work from home – is this the new norm?

An employee’s view of her work from home experience With the country on COVID-19 lockdown, many of us are being asked to work from home. It appears that businesses and … Read more

Mountain to climb to Building Safety?

Building Safety Report We recently passed 1,000 days since the Grenfell Tower tragedy that claimed 72 lives and became our worst ever residential fire in peacetime. Since then, what have … Read more

Building Safety Regulator – doomed for failure?

Despite repeated promises from the past three Secretaries of State for Housing that “we will learn from the Grenfell tragedy”, there is still a distinct lack of progress. The intention … Read more

InShare SMART Risk partners with TrackMyRisks

Press Release InShare SMART Risk are excited to announce the appointment of TrackMyRisks as a technology partner to their Digital Ecosystem. Commenting on the appointment, Graeme Thurgood InShare Co-CEO said: … Read more

Grenfell Inquiry – Open Offer to Government

The Problem I have observed the Grenfell Tower tragedy, Hackitt Report, Phase 1 Inquiry from both human and professional perspectives.  I have got to know some of the survivors and … Read more

Second anniversary of Grenfell Tower tragedy…

Every high-risk building needs a Digital System of Record (DSoR) On the second anniversary of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, we still await decisive action to prevent a recurrence. Despite the … Read more

FCA Principal managing appointed representatives

Robust, automated monitoring of Appointed Representatives The Financial Conduct Authority has strict guidelines for firms working with Appointed Representatives to conduct regulated business on their behalf. The principal firm takes … Read more

Woking fireworks 2018 inflatable slide accident

“Dad, there’s been a big slide accident at the Woking fireworks, the air ambulance is coming and they are evacuating” This had caught my youngest son’s attention on Snapchat. He … Read more

TrackMyRisks wins Compliance Management Software awards

FinancesOnline recognises TrackMyRisks for Regulatory Compliance Management B2B and SaaS software directory, FinancesOnline, awards TrackMyRisks for making a complex process so simple. They awarded TrackMyRisks with “2018 Great User Experience” … Read more

Keeping on top of your critical documents at home

Now, where did I leave my… critical documents It’s not just the office environment that generates huge amounts of important documents. The home environment does too and a large number … Read more

Do you have control of your risk & compliance documents?

Deep in the heart of your company’s network folders are likely to be a range of critical documents. These documents could save your business in the event of prosecution, regulatory … Read more

Airmic 2018 – why startups should exhibit

Exhibiting at Airmic 2018 Two months have passed since we exhibited at Airmic 2018 in Liverpool. So I thought it might be useful to summarise our thoughts after a period … Read more

TrackMyRisks to exhibit at BIBA 2018

TrackMyRisks are excited to be exhibiting at this year’s BIBA 2018 conference in Manchester. Our company’s founders and senior management team will be at Stand G79 on both days. We … Read more

Securely manage governance risk and compliance documents

Secure sharing and personalised permissions for all your governance risk and compliance documents All boards have corporate governance standards to meet. They must also be able to demonstrate their compliance … Read more

Shall we start something special?

Regulatory compliance When you run a business, of any sort, there are many laws to comply with and risks to manage. Knowing every regulation and risk can be a bewildering … Read more
Supply chain

Don’t wait for next Carillion before reviewing supply chain risk

Supply chain risk It’s been almost a month since news broke that the UK’s second largest construction company, Carillion, had gone into liquidation. And while it may no longer be … Read more

Managing ISO accreditations and policies

Beautifully designed document management Any organisation who has been through ISO accreditation will be familiar with the level of documentation required. One of the concerns many companies have, is how … Read more

Insurance broker sharing documentation with customers

Stop sending, start sharing Huge volumes of email attachments are sent daily from insurance brokers to their customers. Not only does this pose a significant cyber risk, to both the … Read more

Data breach, another wake-up call

“Hi, I thought you should know we opened that attachment you emailed yesterday, and it’s not quite what we were expecting.” That sick to the stomach, gut wrenching, “what have … Read more

Senior execs right to criticise risk management industry

Risk management For a long time, sales, finance, marketing and operations have been highly respected disciplines in organisations worldwide. But risk management lacks the same respect in many boardrooms and … Read more
Risk reporting

Investors want better risk reporting

Since the financial crisis of 2008, there has been increased focus on risk management and risk reporting. The requirement for companies to report on long-term risk through the annual viability … Read more

Password security, defending the indefensible

In trying to defend the credibility of one of her senior colleagues, MP Nadine Dorries admitted on Twitter that she routinely shares her passwords with staff and interns! Poor password … Read more
GDPR Compliance

Companies woefully underprepared for GDPR

General Data Protection Regulations Six months from today, on 25 May 2018, organisations of all shapes and sizes must be compliant with the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). GDPR … Read more

Appointed Representative oversight is lacking warns FCA

The FCA’s warning last week (Nov 3), that a lack of Appointed Representative (AR) oversight is putting customers at risk of financial harm, is not the last word on this … Read more

Are you clicking with your customers?

What remains a common theme in the insurance market and particularly amongst brokers is the limited communication such firms have with their customers outside of renewal period, with many only … Read more

Treat your business like a baby

Your baby One of my colleagues had a new baby recently. He’s bought the books and read the recommendations. Car seats, stair gates, bath thermometers and corner guards have all been … Read more

Security, reduce the Impact of crime on business

With crime representing such a prominent risk for businesses and their ability to provide continuity, AXA have provided an in-depth guide as to how best ensure the security of your business. … Read more

AIG Insight, Portable Electrical Equipment

Portable electrical equipment is a key feature of the modern workplace. Safety surrounding its use and maintenance necessarily needs to be viewed with increasing importance. An issue AIG seek to … Read more

AXA Information Paper, Working at Height

Working at Height The complexities of building work and construction often mean formulating an all-inclusive solution to the risks associated with working at height presents a complex problem. In this … Read more

Stop sending, start sharing

Email attachments – the looming cyber risk threatening the insurance industry We live in dangerous ‘cyber’ times for insurers, brokers and customers. As prolific senders and receivers of email attachments … Read more
AIG Contractors

AIG Insight, Control of Contractors

Global insurance broker AIG recently published this report, providing essential risk management advice for any business that appoints contractors. This subject is especially topical due to the recent British Airways … Read more

Risk Management, a new frontier for SaaS?

It’s hard to think of a business process that hasn’t been simplified or improved by a SaaS platform, until now: Risk Management.   To keep a successful business of any … Read more

Become a TrackMyRisks broker partner at BIBA 2017

“Let’s not do it your way or my way; let’s do it the best way” – Greg Anderson The strongest client relationships are formed when both parties see the benefits. … Read more
BIBA 2017

TrackMyRisks to exhibit at BIBA 2017 Conference

BIBA 2017 debut for innovative risk management software platform, TrackMyRisks  TrackMyRisks, the affordable, scalable and collaborative software platform for risk management will be formally launched to the UK insurance broker market … Read more

Death of a CEO

Is your business equipped for survival? The Death of a CEO is not something we like to think or talk about. While we tend to associate risks with fires, floods, … Read more

Ground breaking SME risk management platform TrackMyRisks launches

Enterprise grade risk management platform for the mass market London – Continuity Partner Ltd today announce the launch of TrackMyRisks ( the affordable, scalable and collaborative online risk management platform … Read more

GDPR Compliance and ICO Enforcement

Awareness of the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is growing across the business community as the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) gets ready to see its enforcement powers rise from … Read more

Keep your Critical Documents in Check!

A common thread between businesses of all sizes and sectors is that they have documents and those documents need to be managed. Some of us are disciplined at this and … Read more

How likely will crime impact your business?

Here are the crime stats… We never like to think the worst can happen. We see crime and incidents occur all around us but we still listen to that little … Read more

Evacuate, Invacuate or Lockdown?

When we hear a fire alarm we have been conditioned from our earliest years to get out or evacuate. But what do we do in a situation where we need … Read more

3 ways to enhance your bottom line with a business continuity program

Business Continuity Planning We all know embedding business continuity within your business creates a higher level of resilience. Better resilience is a great thing – but at what cost? Gaining … Read more

3 survival essentials after a business crisis

Business Crisis Essentials A massive 150+ UK organisations are hit with a business crisis every day. Incidents such as fire, ill health or failure of a crucial supplier. But what can … Read more

Herd Resilience

You are undoubtedly familiar with the evolutionary concept ‘Survival of the Fittest’ and businesses are no different. Resilient businesses are fitter, stronger and ultimately more likely to succeed. Sadly, the majority of businesses … Read more