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07/02/2020 by Matt Hodges-Long
Despite repeated promises that "we will learn from the Grenfell tragedy" and an intent to create the Building Safety Regulator (BSR), I remain cynical that this will positively impact building safety any time soon....
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31/10/2019 by Matt Hodges-Long
The Grenfell Inquiry clearly shows us that every High Rise Residential Building (HRRB) needs a Digital System of Record (DSoR)...
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"Accountable Person with 100 High-rise residential blocks in their portfolio will need to identify, create and track over 30,000 evidential documents per year to maintain compliance with the new @H_S_E #BuildingSafety regulatory regime." More detail coming soon...
Wise words from @H_S_E ‘…the Safety Management System should include processes to identify, monitor, maintain, audit & review the range of measures on which safe occupation depends.’
Following the publication of 'Safety case principles for high-rise residential buildings' by @H_S_E yesterday, we are writing up our collective thoughts for an imminent blog post and other content on the subject. It's a good read and makes a lot of sense.