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17/07/2017 by Matt Hodges-Long
One of my colleagues had a new baby recently. He’s bought the books and read the recommendations. Car seats, stair gates, bath thermometers and corner guards have all been dutifully ordered and installed. Smoke alarm batteries have been replaced, the baby monitor is installed and immunisations are all booked!

It got me thinking... when it comes to keeping a new baby safe, no time or expense is spared, but do business owners analyse the potential risks to their company in the same way new parents assess the sharp corners in their home? The answer, as a general rule, no....
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11/07/2016 by Matt Hodges-Long
Here at TrackMyRisks, we believe ‘herd resilience’ is the solution to improving risk management and business continuity across more businesses...
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Massive amounts of progress made this week in defining our Building Safety Case proposition. Great feedback from partners and pilot clients. Lots to get done.
The reality of what can happen, especially when suppliers are appointed without proper due diligence. It’s all fine until it’s not! This is why we do what we do.