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13/12/2017 by Matt Hodges-Long
For a long time, sales, finance, marketing and operations have been highly respected disciplines in organisations worldwide. But risk management lacks the same respect in many boardrooms and much of the problem is in the way it is presented....
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17/07/2017 by Matt Hodges-Long
One of my colleagues had a new baby recently. He’s bought the books and read the recommendations. Car seats, stair gates, bath thermometers and corner guards have all been dutifully ordered and installed. Smoke alarm batteries have been replaced, the baby monitor is installed and immunisations are all booked!

It got me thinking... when it comes to keeping a new baby safe, no time or expense is spared, but do business owners analyse the potential risks to their company in the same way new parents assess the sharp corners in their home? The answer, as a general rule, no....
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07/06/2017 by Richard Carman
Global insurance broker AIG recently published this report, providing essential risk management advice for any business that appoints contractors.

This subject is especially topical due to the recent British Airways systems outage which appears to be as a result of a contractor working within their data centre....
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16/05/2017 by Matt Hodges-Long
To keep a successful business of any size operating smoothly, it is essential to manage the risks that could easily derail it: financial; health & safety; reputation; data; intellectual property; regulatory; HR; the list is endless. So it never ceases to amaze that such an essential business process is still typically run on a plethora of spreadsheets and documents, or worse still in the head of the business owner....
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