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16/05/2017 by Matt Hodges-Long
To keep a successful business of any size operating smoothly, it is essential to manage the risks that could easily derail it: financial; health & safety; reputation; data; intellectual property; regulatory; HR; the list is endless. So it never ceases to amaze that such an essential business process is still typically run on a plethora of spreadsheets and documents, or worse still in the head of the business owner....
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10/04/2017 by Richard Carman
London - Continuity Partner Ltd today announce the launch of TrackMyRisks ( the affordable, scalable and collaborative online risk management platform for the identification and management of business risks....
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Massive amounts of progress made this week in defining our Building Safety Case proposition. Great feedback from partners and pilot clients. Lots to get done.
The reality of what can happen, especially when suppliers are appointed without proper due diligence. It’s all fine until it’s not! This is why we do what we do.