TrackMyRisks wins Compliance Management Software awards


FinancesOnline recognises TrackMyRisks for Regulatory Compliance Management

B2B and SaaS software directory, FinancesOnline, awards TrackMyRisks for making a complex process so simple. They awarded TrackMyRisks with “2018 Great User Experience” and “2018 Rising Star” awards. We also achieved a Top 9 listing for Compliance Management Software.

In a TrackMyRisks overview, the FinancesOnline software experts reviewed all aspects of the platform. They tackled the nitty gritty details on how TrackMyRisks assists with the smooth operation of risk and compliance processes. According to FinancesOnline, one of the key benefits is ease of access to all risk and compliance documents.

Powerful permission settings, coupled with strong security controls and automated workflows, ensures that critical documents are safe. Documents can only be seen by people with the right access levels. Auditors can see who uploaded, edited, accessed, and shared the documents, which is critical for them. On top of that, you also get the comfort of industry leading AWS Cloud Security. All your documents and their contents are safe and secure from unauthorised individuals and malicious parties.

The Great User Experience award affirms that our compliance management software has resonated with FinancesOnline’s experts, indicating that our software allows for effective control of risk and compliance documents with ease. Meanwhile, the Rising Star award was given after FinancesOnline noted an increasing growth in popularity and positive feedback for TrackMyRisks. Our software landed a spot in their esteemed list of top SaaS software reviews and recording an impressive 100% user satisfaction rating.

With TrackMyRisks, you truly have a secure, simple and effective platform to manage all your risk and compliance documents.

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