3 ways to enhance your bottom line with a business continuity program

Business Continuity Planning

We all know embedding business continuity within your business creates a higher level of resilience. Better resilience is a great thing – but at what cost?

Gaining resilience is more widely seen as a business continuity cost, but it should be viewed as an important business investment. Because a well-designed business continuity program can and should deliver measurable positive returns. It can be so much more than “just another layer of insurance”.

Here are the top 3 benefits of proper planning:

Win More Business

Credibility is essential for winning new business. But how do you demonstrate you’re available to deliver against a contract when an unplanned crisis hits?

By embedding risk management planning into your business you project a well-managed and resilient picture. If you shout about it in your sales and marketing activities you instantly instil greater trust and loyalty from your prospects.  

Drive Efficiencies

A living, breathing business resilience program will identify opportunities to improve your processes – the ones you may never have thought of or even seen through to completion.

Reduce Losses

When you’re faced with business interruption, organisations with a well-structured business resilience capability experience a lower level of disturbance to their revenue, profit and reputation.

Keep track of the benefits from your business continuity program, as well as your costs, and you’ll see the investment in a completely new and positive light.

Organisations that can’t demonstrate positive ROI from their business continuity program are often spending too much, over mitigating risk or have a badly designed solution.

Others know they should have the appropriate plans in place but haven’t got round to it, or feel stuck due to lack of resource and attention.

If you’d like to start achieving positive outcomes from your business continuity program, enquire now about how you can join the TrackMyRisks platform.